The Industrial Water Challenge and how to solve it

Join industrial and municipal end-users to understand their challenges with water and how The Dutch program ‘Water Technology Growth Plan’(Groeiplan Water Technologie in Dutch) and Industrielinqs support the connection with innovative water tech solutions.

Water quantity and quality are hot topics these days. For the industrial user of water this means anticipating on future challenges. After all, shutting down the production process is not an option.

Groeiplan Water Technologie involves end-users to help them solve their water challenges and put them in touch with providers of (new) water technology solutions at an early stage. This is to stimulate the combination of market pull and technology push. More exchange between technology providers and end-users, ensures a better understanding of the challenges and better access to innovative technologies and developments.

This session is an initiative of Watervisie-platform with the cooperation of Industrielinqs Press and Platform and its partners Evides Industriewater, IV Water and Water Alliance, the latter representing Groeiplan Water Technologie.